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About Fixed by Rick

About Fixed By Rick

This is what Fixed by Rick is all about

My dad taught me from a very early age that you should always do a job “right the first time.”  I have been given many talents, one of which is a knack for repairing things. When we first moved to our current home, we hired a company to do a job that I could have done myself, but my wife insisted. Well…we both learned a thing or two.  I like seeing a job done right and the happiness that the customer has at completion.

I believe, that to the best of my ability, I produce high-quality craftsmanship along with  great value for all of my customers. I initially started building my business by doing car repair “on the side” while also working a full-time job.  Many people know me as the car repair guy.  At our church I even taught basic auto repair classes. I got tired of friends being sold unnecessary car repairs. Others would tell me their repair estimates were sometimes more than the value of their car. There was something wrong with this picture. I knew I could help them and make it a win/win situation for both of us. 

Four years ago I realized how much I enjoyed planting and landscaping. I also liked to fix  many common household dilemas, and was pretty good at this. I could perform handyman duties and improve our home, so why not do this for others. Then I took two years to plan and build a fantastic boulder garden in my front yard (see the home page - top photo of the three). This was a backbreaker.  I "man-handled" and maneuvered about thirty 36-inch boulders into place. The garden is 33’ x 21’ and is shaped like a triangle to fit on our corner lot, facing both streets. This ambitious effort became a landmark in our neighborhood. We receive so many compliments. One of my neighbors used my boulder garden as the background to create his Christmas card.  Then I realized that I’d like to create these as part of my life work - handmade, custom-built gardens and outdoor living areas. I just want my customers to be able to enjoy their own yards like I enjoy mine. I bring beauty and comfort to others and we both enjoy the process.

My aim has always been consistent - Fix it right the first time. 

My goal has always been consistent - Provide high quality along with great value.  

Do you wish you could find the right business and have a network of professionals at your disposal?

Fixed by Rick gets lots of help form other top quality service providers.  Here are just a few that I recommend.

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